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What Is Puff Back?

Puff back is more common with oil-burning equipment, such as a home furnace or boiler, but can also occur with gas-fired heaters. Puff back occurs when an ignition switch malfunction causes a furnace or boiler to discharge a massive amount of soot. Because the soot is black and sticky, it creates a major cleaning and deodorizing challenge. Interior surfaces, furniture, carpet, clothes, bedding and most other building contents must be treated to remove soot stains and odor. Sometimes duct work must also be cleaned.

Soot damage is traditionally attributed to the aftermath of a house fire or the results of a furnace or boiler malfunction (also known as a puff back). The oily and gaseous properties of soot, make it one of the most difficult substances to clean-up, especially if not addressed in a timely matter. In addition to coating surfaces with an oily and gaseous (carbon) residue, soot can permeate into just about every nook and cranny in your home, leaving behind a horrible smell that can’t be removed by conventional cleaning methods.

Trust the experts! Bulovas Restorations Inc. is Long Island’s locally owned fire restoration company, providing professional solutions for smoke and soot damage. Whether you’re experiencing an unpredictable house fire or dealing with an unknown malfunction in your furnace, we’re here to help. Awareness and quick action can make all the difference when it comes to minimizing property damage from soot. 

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We Provide 24-HOUR Emergency Soot & Puffback Cleanup Services For Long Island

Let us do the Dirty Clean Up Work for You.

Take advantage of our professional soot cleanup technology and our expertise in the field. Our extensive experience in disaster restoration enables us to provide the customized response we believe our customers deserve. As Nassau and Long Island’s local disaster restoration company, we have helped restore thousands of residential and commercial buildings back to normal following a tragic fire or from a catastrophic puff back.

Quick action is important.

Since soot is a byproduct of the combustion process, it’s black and powdery form can quickly turn into a sticky and gaseous form – easily circulating throughout your entire building. That’s why it’s important to react quickly! The sticky attribute of soot may cause the byproduct to cling to many unwanted areas throughout your building, such as wall corners and exhaust pipes.

Your best chance at minimizing the damage to your home is to act sooner rather than later, as smoke and soot can be absorbed by almost all of your furniture and contents, especially the extremely porous materials or surfaces, as they may continue to absorb odors until the soot is removed.

Professional Restoration for Soot Damage in Long Island, Serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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